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Inesoft Address Book 4.5

The most powerful address book and contacts manager for PPCs


  • Sort by category
  • Quick-access ABC T9 system
  • Records lots of contact data
  • Shares contact info with Outlook and Pocket Informant


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I think we'd all agree that the default Windows Mobile contacts book is a little primitive compared with those you'll see on other mobile platforms.

That's why it's a good idea to install a third party address book application onto your Pocket PC as soon as you get it out of the box. Inesoft proves to be one of the best options you'll encounter, offering a wonderful environment for storing and managing your contacts.

The sheer depth of this software is difficult to convey in a short review, but needless to say this is a very powerful utility. When you launch Inesoft Address Book you're presented with a gorgeous user interface comprising of an ABC keypad with quick access to contacts via a T9 system. Alternatively, there's a small search bar at the top, or you can view contacts by category. There's a colourful menu bar with History, Dialer and Favorites options.

You could probably spend all day exploring the program's menus, and it boasts settings for contact-specific ringtones, filtering options, beaming contacts, making appointments, and much more. What's more, the New Contact option lets you enter all manner of information about a person such as their email address, IM details, multiple phone numbers and family details.

If you want a comprehensive contacts manager for your Pocket PC you'll be hard-pressed to find anything better than Inesoft Address Book.

Inesoft Address Book is the most convenient way to manage contacts on Windows Mobile device. Among its unique advantages, Address Book gives an opportunity to note an unlimited quantity of additional phone numbers, email addresses, instant messenger IDs, dates and addresses. The search system works instantly and will find a required line even if it is written down as a note.

Address Book it is completely compatible with ActiveSync, Outlook, Pocket Informant and similar. Therefore any data that is created or edited in Address Book is accessible to other programs at any time. Phone Edition device owners will enjoy the Caller ID function that allows easy managing phone functions, switching between profiles, and displays caller's name and photo with customized Ring Tone.

Among other features, Address Book as well as Today plug-in has the ABC T9 system for fast search with possibility to adjust for any language. A new system of creating and editing contacts makes the program convenient and irreplaceable in a daily life.

Today Screen

Often it is required to find a contact quickly, not wasting time on starting or switching between apps. For this purpose Address Book has a Today ABC Bar T9 plug-in allowing directly from that window finding a contact with two clicks and making a call, sending an SMS or email.

Caller ID with Photo Contact and Ring Tones

If you receive a call, caller's name and photo will be displayed. You can set a personal ring tone for any category and contact. Address Book enables changing a Ring Tone profile quickly suitable to current conditions: Outdoor, Meeting, or if you wish to accept calls from family or friends only.

T9 ABC Bar

ABC Bar allows finding a contact with two clicks thanks to the wise T9 system. The ABC is fully customizable for any language.

Inesoft Address Book


Inesoft Address Book 4.5

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